Asia in Helsinki: The Righteous General is Banished

The Righteous General is Banished is a classical play from the Ming dynasty. The performance culminates in perhaps the most famous martial arts scene in Chinese theatre, but the whole play has been performed quite seldom.

Adaptation and original directorLű Suosen
ExerciserAntti Silvennoinen
Finnish translationAntti Silvennoinen and Veli Rosenberg
OrchestraNational Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, Beijing
Length60 min
On stageLiu Lihua, innkeeper: Antti Silvennoinen
Ren Tanghui: Elias Edström
Jiao Zan: Valter Sui
Innkeeper’s wife: Steina Öhman
Convoy: Ville Seivo and Karoliina Surma-Aho
Performances and ticketsWed 5th October at 7pm, Stoa.
Fri 7th October at 7 pm, Stoa.
Sun 9th October at 3 pm, Stoa.