Hidden Faces

Wusheng Company’s latest production is drawn from and inspired by Japanese ghost stories. Hidden Faces is a beautiful and sensitive story about two sisters and their quest for a better life. The sisters have had to abandon their home, but the past won’t leave them alone. The ghost of the past follows them on their journey making the journey very challenging. The younger sister falls victim to a cruel demon and fails to reach their destination with her elder sister.

Compared to Wusheng Company’s previous shows, Hidden Faces is more sensitive and intimate. Their movements however, are characteristic of the group; unique energy, with the strong physical presence of martial arts springing from traditional Asian theatre. Positions are low and strong, but in contrast, sometimes softer and with more poetic expression.

As always, live music plays a large part in this production. Composer/Musician, Markus Rantanen creates a beautiful, multi-dimensional, almost electronic soundscape. Rantanen breaks with tradition and takes the electric guitar to another dimension,whilst making good use of electronics combined with instruments weaved from bark such as the “Rapaballs” the shakers made of birch bark.

DirectionAntti Silvennoinen
On stageNora Sandholm-Azémar ja Freia Stenbäck
Composer, musicianMarkus Rantanen
Lightning designAnniina Veijalainen
Costume designAnnika Saloranta
World premiere1.3.2018  WHS Theatre Union Helsinki
In co-operation withWHS Theatre Union
Reviews (in Finnish)HS 5.3.2018 / YLE 5.3.2018 /Kujerruksia-kulttuuriblogi 5.3.2018
Technical riderHidden faces_technical rider